What does anomalous mean?

anomalous meaning in General Dictionary

Deviating from a general rule method or analogy unusual irregular as an anomalous proceeding

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  • deviating from general or typical order or type
  • Deviating from a general guideline, technique, or analogy; abnormal; unusual; because, an anomalous proceeding.

anomalous meaning in Urban Dictionary

something that is exclusive and goes from the "norm"

anomalous meaning in Law Dictionary

Irregular; exemplary; uncommon; maybe not complying to rule, strategy, or type.

anomalous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from belated Latin anomalus, from Greek anomalos "uneven, unusual" (see anomaly). Related: Anomalously; anomalousness.

anomalous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Deviating from an over-all guideline, method, or example; irregular; unusual; as, an anomalous proceeding.

Sentence Examples with the word anomalous

In the natural order Rosaceae, the series Querciflorae, and the very anomalous genus Casuarina and others, instead of a single macrospore a more or less extensive sporogenous tissue is formed, but only one cell proceeds to the formation of a functional female cell.

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