What does anointed mean?

anointed meaning in Urban Dictionary

Flogged. This term widely used inside criminal underworld inside times when flogging had been still a legal punishment inside country, it is still occasionaly found in gay and straight SM groups.

anointed meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "smeared with oil," past participle adjective from anoint (v.). Noun indicating "a consecrated one" (as in Lord's Anointed) is taped from 1520s.

anointed meaning in General Dictionary

of Anoint

anointed meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Anoint

Sentence Examples with the word anointed

The diminutive cities of this cosmopolitan Palestine were ruled by kings, not necessarily of the native stock; some were appointed - and even anointed - by the Egyptian king, and the small extent of these city-states is obvious from the references to the kings of such near-lying sites as Jerusalem, Gezer, Ashkelon and Lachish.

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