What does annular mean?

annular meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to or getting the as a type of a ring creating a ring ringed ring shaped as annular materials

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  • shaped like a ring
  • Pertaining to, or having the type of, a ring; developing a ring; ringed; ring-shaped; since, annular materials.
  • Banded or marked with circles.

annular meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"ring-shaped," 1570s, from French annulaire (16c.) or straight from Latin annularis "pertaining to a ring," from annulus, diminutive of anal area "ring" (see anal area). An annular eclipse (1727) is the one when the dark human anatomy for the moon is smaller compared to the disk regarding the sunshine, so at level from it the sunlight appears as a ring of light. Related: Annularity.

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annular meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) with respect to, or obtaining the type of, a ring; forming a ring; ringed; ring-shaped; as, annular materials.

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  • (a.) Banded or marked with circles.

Sentence Examples with the word annular

In length; with such coils, and a sufficient annular space in the pan free from obstruction, in order to allow a natural down-current of the cooking mass, while an up-current all round is also naturally produced by the action of the heated worms or coils, rapid evaporation and crystallization can be obtained, without any mechanical adjuncts to require attention or afford excuse for negligence.

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