What does annoying whale mean?

annoying whale meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Annoying bitches who have pissed you off and generally are in addition fat. Typically completely annoying and enables you to desire to impale each and every fat individual with a rusty spear.2. The girl you go by within the hallway in school is always like WAHHAHAHA otherwise Hi (FRIEND), WHHATTTSS UPP?? in that fucking annoying only-whale tone you cannot rather place your hand on without going insane.3. Sure they have friends, generally those annoying blond and skinny bitches who're therefore fucking inconvenient and. They usually love to dry dock on their own from the couch and consume continuously.4. They don't ever eat before their particular boyfriend if they are able to get one for example unfortunate explanation, God-bless the man who was simply lured in by a sick sense of low self-esteem and/or loneliness. The fat whale typically likes to laugh like BAHAHAHAHA because well....you'd do that if you were fat also...right?5. Thinks she's well-known on myspace with those pals...but...is not. That is gonna say no to a friend invite in the event that you know/have heard of/seen all of them at school or work?6. Wants dessert and little pretty such things as bows and hello kitty shit. Genuinely...that stuff makes whales look fatter....it just does okay?7. Hated by many people. Period.