What does announcement mean?

announcement meaning in General Dictionary

The act of announcing or providing realize that which declares proclamation publication

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  • an official public statement
  • a public statement containing details about a meeting which has had occurred or is going to take place
  • The act of announcing, or offering notice; that which announces; proclamation; book.

announcement meaning in Law Dictionary

declaration made authoritative by press. It could be harm control or a item. Relate to press release.

announcement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1798, from French announcement, from Old French anoncier (see announce). Otherwise formed in English from announce + -ment. Earlier on in exact same sense was announcing.

announcement meaning in Business Dictionary

report made officially and openly to your press for size distribution. Notices can be manufactured in response to something such as for instance rumors, or is designed for positive factors like the introduction of a new product or practice. For instance, an organization in the industry of production computer systems may unexpectedly make an announcement about a unique computer design. See additionally pr release.

announcement meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of announcing, or offering notice; whatever announces; proclamation; book.

Sentence Examples with the word announcement

An announcement of the invention and of a patent granted for the same for ten years, in which Blumel is for the first time associated with Stolzel as co-inventor.

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