What does annelida mean?

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A division for the Articulata having the human body formed of various bands or annular portions and without jointed feet The principal subdivisions are the Chaeligtopoda like the Oligochaeligta or earthworms and Polychaeligta or marine worms additionally the Hirudinea or leeches See Chaeligtopoda

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  • segmented worms: earthworms; lugworms; leeches
  • A division associated with Articulata, obtaining the body formed of several rings or annular portions, and without jointed feet. The main subdivisions would be the Chaetopoda, including the Oligochaeta or earthworms and Polychaeta or marine worms; therefore the Hirudinea or leeches. See Chaetopoda.

Sentence Examples with the word annelida

Specimens were subsequently obtained from other parts of the neotropical region, and from South Africa and Australia, and the animal was variously assigned by the zoologists of the day to the Annelida and Myriapoda.

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