What does anmol fatima mean?

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anmol fatima is a enthusiastic person, she's extremely smart and breathtaking. She actually is constantly prepared offer an ear to hear and can be indeed there for your needs whatever. She "turns on" the oppisite sex 'oh I shall always remember that anmol'. She's enjoying and caring. Anmol will get aggravating but its advisable that you be around with an anmol. This woman is an excellent and trusting character. In life should your ever pals with an anmol dont forget this lady always keep this lady. She will be a clumsy slut. She can be dangerous and hurt men and women but never ever deliberately. 'Oh anmol i cant think that!' 'She done it intentionally'. She's a good person. In life should your an anmol you are going to get the best buddy anyone would dream of.