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a small grouping of people generating a movement, or change on the site WorldstarHipHop's opinion area. While possessing the remark element of every movie Worldstar sets up, they generate Anime motivated usernames and avatars and address both by shouting (or typing) what "squad" or "as." This squad is a lot more exceptional versus Dislike Squad, WWE Squad, Marvel Squad, and the short-lived Transformer Squad. A small grouping of of individuals Who created a revolution on worldstarhiphop by snatching the comment section with a fast dangerous takeover . superior than the various other squads entirely destroying poor troll squads on sight. they rep the squad by typing "Squad "or "As". Presently run worldstarhiphop after using it "on some bully like shit". All members have actually anime/manga prompted profiles. unlike the other squads that have been on wshh the Anime squad are not actually trolls and often behave as moderators. notable victims : dislike squad, marvel universe, squirtle squad. the squad has numerous admirers and haters.