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an electric as a type of expressions for which faces like ^_^ are utilized through a dash, hyphen or duration for lips and a wide variety of figures for eyes. The faces can range from very happy to astonished and it's also most frequently employed by anime followers. Them all exaggerates in facial expressions as most anime shows do.a quick selection of expressions include:^_^ = HappyO_O = Shocked or surprised^o^ = Laughing@_@ = Confused-.- = Sad, disappointed or embarrassment-.-* = AngryO.o = Raising eyebrow.oO_Oo = Blushing.These, are only many of the a huge selection of feasible expressions you could discover and produce. These are Faces by attaching expressing an individual's emotions on the web. There are numerous approaches to do this.Many anime fans use the smilies. The example are just Concepts.