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An emo child that is totally obsessed with anime. Not at all times emo. Often over remarkable while making expressions, very loud, and often actual (in phrase.) An anime freak which thinks she is emo when she actually is truly a loser with to long on her behalf fingers. She watches numerous anime's because of the figures in alternative, emo, goth an such like clothes therefore she believes she actually is emo.she actually is either rather or loud and childish and is fat or ugly skinny. She looks at other individuals like shes depressed and wears tight garments that make her jelly rolls reveal. She'll additionally put on black eyeliner (and get it done wrong) and colorful cheap garments that she got at Walmart or Clair's.She features little buddies and isnt also friends with genuine emo young ones.She might use goth looking cosplay to college and now have emo anime figures on the binder, phone, etc.this woman is an annoying wannabe as well as emo young ones look down upon her.She is a disgrace to emo's together with cool anime freaks.