What does animated GIF mean?

animated GIF meaning in Marketing Dictionary

a graphic into the GIF89a file format that creates the end result of cartoon by rotating through a few fixed photos.

animated GIF meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An animated GIF is a GIF file that includes multiple images or "frames." These structures tend to be played back in series when the file is exposed or presented in a web internet browser. The end result is an animated clip or a brief motion picture. The GIF file format includes a Graphics Control Extension (or "GCE block"), which enables just one GIF file to keep multiple frames. This area additionally specifies the wait between frames, which can be familiar with set the frame rate or insert pauses at certain things in the cartoon. Another part, called the Netscape Application Block (NAB), specifies exactly how many times the cartoon will repeat (a setting of "0" is used for endless repetitions). During the early years of the Web, animated GIFs were a favorite solution to show movement and spice up websites. These people were popular for commercials, such as for instance ads and leaderboards. As Flash animations became a lot more popular, animated GIFs became less prominent. However, animated GIFs have recently seen a resurgence on line since they are sustained by all systems. For instance, Apple's iOS will not support Flash animated graphics, but could show animated GIFs. A number of image editing programs, such as for instance Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, can be used to develop animated GIFs. Other pictures programs can merge numerous image data into just one GIF. Some video clip utilities can even convert short videos to animated GIFs. While this they can be handy for revealing tiny videos on the web, the GIF structure is not as efficient given that MPEG format for saving video clips longer than a few seconds.