What does animated mean?

animated meaning in General Dictionary

Endowed with life saturated in life or spirit indicating animation lively energetic

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  • meant to may actually go as living creatures do
  • having life or vigor or nature
  • of Animate
  • Endowed with life; saturated in life or spirit; showing animation; lively; vigorous.

animated meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "alive," past participle adjective from animate (v.). Meaning "mentally excited" is from 1530s; "full of activity" from 1580s. The "moving photos" feeling is attested from 1895; of cartoons from 1897. Related: Animatedly.

animated meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Animate

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  • (a.) Endowed with life; high in life or character; suggesting animation; lively; energetic.

Sentence Examples with the word animated

The question of routes continued to be the subject of animated discussion, and on the 29th of July a committee of three officers who had served in the Red River expedition reported: We believe that a brigade can easily be.conveyed in small boats from Cairo to Dongola in the time stated by Lord Wolseley; and, further, that should it be necessary to send a still larger force by water to Kbartum, that operation will present no insuperable difficulties.

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