What does anhydrous mean?

anhydrous meaning in General Dictionary

Destitute of water as anhydrous salts or acids

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  • without liquid; particularly without liquid of crystallization
  • Destitute of water; as, anhydrous salts or acids.

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Anhydrous based methamphetamine

anhydrous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"containing no liquid," 1819, a modern coinage from Greek an-, privative prefix (see an- (1)), + hydor "water" (see liquid (n.1)). Greek did have anhydros "waterless," used of arid places or corpses which had maybe not been given appropriate funeral rites.

anhydrous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Destitute of liquid; since, anhydrous salts or acids.

Sentence Examples with the word anhydrous

The metallic salts all crystallize in the anhydrous condition and decompose on heating, leaving a residue of the pure metal.

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