What does anguish Anguish anguish mean?

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1. A total and total state of suffering.2. Hurt so serious that frustration for relief instantly ensues.3. The experience of extreme discomfort which created as soon as the man you adore figuratively rips your heart outu000du000au000du000awhen you feel just like you have no words to explain your tormented psyche and just copious quantities of gin, chocolate and bacon cheese bacon curly fries can blot the black colored mark on your heart.u000du000au000du000aacheafflictionagonyanxietydespairdistressgriefheartbreakpainremorseme1.An feeling of negative intention. Anguish is one thing that life, developing inside human anatomy and enduring by sapping all energy and will run from the prey.2. Anguish is defined by the loss of my mama who had been only forty-six, gone unexpectedly, tearing me in two the morning of.3.A terrible present to provide other people. I had so it can have to my Nana, my mama's mama. I experienced to tell dad too. We didnt like to give it.4. Something which are outdone on some times, but always comes home powerful. 5. Something one that grieves has to stay with forever more.