What does angst mean?

angst meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1944, from German Angst "neurotic concern, anxiety, shame, remorse," from Old High German angust, through the reason behind fury. George Eliot tried it (in German) in 1849, and it also ended up being popularized in English by interpretation of Freud's work, but as a foreign term until 1940s. Old English had a cognate word, angsumnes "anxiety," nonetheless it faded away.

angst meaning in General Dictionary

an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety; often set aside for philosophical anxiety concerning the world or around private freedom

angst - German to English

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  • concern about dropping control
  • fear of really missing out (on anything)
  • (intimate) performance anxiety [coll.] [male person]
  • concern about becoming buried alive
  • anxiety about consuming way too much
  • agitation [fear]
  • security [fear]
  • anguish
  • jitters [coll.]
  • trepidation
  • worry for one's beloved
  • anxiety about getting rejected
  • ergophobia
  • apiphobia
  • computer system phobia
  • anxiety about traveling
  • concern with the unknown
  • dental care anxiety [dental anxiety]
  • dental fear
  • anxiety about worry
  • anxiety about darkness
  • concern with the dark
  • concern money for hard times
  • paraskavedekatriaphobia
  • xenophobia
  • astraphobia
  • brontophobia
  • euphobia
  • concern with traveling
  • concern about reprisal
  • anxiety about discomfort
  • concern about reds-under-the-bed
  • spheksophobia
  • concern with getting rejected
  • concern
  • angst
  • anxiety
  • unrest
  • fright
  • stress
  • insecurity
  • apprehension

angst meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Ger. dread) Concern or attention, which are the essence of dread. (Heidegger.) -- H.H.

Sentence Examples with the word angst

There was no sign of her inner angst in her deep brown eyes or on her beautiful features.

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