What does angry nice guy mean?

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There are more frustrated great guys than we'd like to acknowledge, for this reason this matter deserves a definition.Its an excellent man that isn't perceived as good by their surroundings, when it comes to sole reason to be frustrated. Could be a transitional stage from being a nice man to assholery. The causes for anger tend to be several - ranging from plain getting rejected to disliking of whats taking place on the planet to watching general flaws in human nature and connections. Symptomes include: - angry/non-calm complexion- decreased motivation- features a higher price for truth and needs similar from others- upon meeting a woman, he can be constantly polite and attempt to be a gentleman- when she attempts to make use of it, he'll break all connection with this lady. And then the cycle repeats with another woman- dismissed by the majority of women, for the explanation below:women are unable to decide whether he is a "nice man" (who would do anything to please the girl and acquire burned in the act) or a "regular asshole" (which treats the girl defectively, and who's acquiesced by her since the guy). Neither does the "angry good guy" fall into the middle sounding men (which can be regarded as being perfect, as guy will admire and take care of their woman, while keeping authority within the relationship). As women are too sluggish to over-analyze this, they give up and move on to find some body more simple to comprehend - a fantastic man or an asshole.In amount, despite the fact that an "angry nice guy" has even more self-esteem than a great man, he's still a great man towards the core. The only distinction is that he is not getting any ass, and much more honest than the nice man.