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angro is formally the rebellion against emo. for all of the people nowadays who will be tired of seeing grown guys cry while taking sad photographs inside mirror, this subculture is actually for you. angro is a mixture of emo and fury. but to unmistakably be an angro, you have to:1.) have extreme rage... trend sufficient that you would bite the head away from a small helpless pet.2.) just pay attention to metal3.) cry everytime you notice panic on disco4.) just talk during the night time5.) consider using shots of everclear a religious experience and deem it holy6.) self-induce vomit beyond a church every 3rd sunday of each month7.) snort precisly 4 table spoons of chili pepper, then have the balls to ask to get moreu000du000aAngro: n, adj;// an innovative new strain of emo, always upset and punches things until their knuckles bleed, additionally enjoys the impression associated with the bloodstream running down thier fists