What does angora mean?

angora meaning in General Dictionary

A city of Asia small or Anatolia which has provided its title to a goat a cat etc

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  • the main city of chicken; situated in west-central Turkey; it had been previously called Angora and is the house of Angora goats
  • a domestic strain of goat raised for its long silky locks the real mohair
  • a long-haired strain of cat just like the Persian cat
  • domestic strain of rabbit with lengthy white silky tresses
  • A city of Asia Minor (or Anatolia) that has provided its title to a goat, a pet, etc.

angora meaning in Urban Dictionary

when an item, generally meals, e.g. bread or youghurt offers fluffy, satiny, fine mold about it moved angora

angora meaning in Etymology Dictionary

sort of wool, 1810, from Angora, city in main Turkey (ancient Ancyra, modern-day Ankara), which offered its name towards the goat (1745 in English), also to its silk-like wool, also to a cat whose fur resembles it (1771 in English). The city name's through the Greek term for "anchor, bend" (see angle (letter.)).

angora meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term familiar with refer to longer fur, generally available on cats or rabbits.

angora meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A city of Asia small (or Anatolia) that has given its name to a goat, a cat, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word angora

There were 2,775,000 angora and 4,386,000 other goats, some 2,000,000 cattle, 250,000 horses and 10o,000 asses.

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