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Of ethereal beauty; excessively beautiful; frequently referring youthful girl with perfect features, blond hair and light eyes. Angelic is what adults call kiddies who are good at lying and looking cute(to the stage where they appear like an angel). Some parents also call kids this who do not look sweet and who will ben't good at lying particularly when they are an only son or daughter. Angelic kiddies would be best spotted given that people whom take down the other children at lunchtime or that setting fire to cats.The opposite of angelic is demonic which is reserved for kids who don't look quite since precious as Angelic children or aren't of the same quality at lying. a kickasss girl who's great in just about every solitary aspect. This woman is also extremely beautiful, nice and kind. She loves to play soccer and is simply a well liked girl. Angelic is also in deep love with a boy called Josh.;)Yay angelic.