What does anew mean?

anew meaning in General Dictionary

once more another amount of time in a fresh type afresh as to supply anew generate anew

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  • once again but in a brand new or various way
  • once again; another time; in a type; afresh; since, to supplyu000du000a anew; to produce anew.

anew meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, a neue, from Old English of-niowe; see a- (1) + brand-new. One-word kind dominant from c.1400.

anew meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Over again; another time; in an innovative new type; afresh; since, to arm anew; to generate anew.

Sentence Examples with the word anew

From these internal dissensions Baldwin was now summoned to the north, to regulate anew the affairs of Antioch and also those of Tripoli, where the death of Count Raymund had thrown on his shoulders the cares of a second regency.

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