What does anent mean?

anent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"concerning, about," very early 13c., onont "on level with," in addition "in the organization of, fronting against," from Old English on efn "near to, close-by," originally "on also (floor) with;" the parasitic -t included 12c. A northern type (in Midlands, anenst, with adverbial genitive), impacted by English authors in Scottish feeling of "in respect or reference to." Compare German neben "near to, because of the side of," short for in eben, from Old tall German ebani "equality."

anent meaning in General Dictionary

Over against; as, he lives anent the church.

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  • About; regarding; in respect; because, he stated nothing anent this.

anent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Over against; as, he life anent the chapel.

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  • (a.) About; regarding; according; since, he stated nothing anent this specific.

Sentence Examples with the word anent

Of Cartesianism towards the close of the 17th century the only remnants were an overgrown theory of vortices, which received its death-blow from Newton, and a dubious phraseology anent innate ideas, which found a witt y executioner in Locke.

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