What does anduh Anduh mean?

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a loud screech of excitement. or any other name for andy. -a mainly really dark skinned-male, with smell issue additionally very loud and contains issues when communicating.-In some countries the word anduh also means disgrace and dishonor becoming called anduh is usually to be during the lowest part of ones life.-Origin-The title anduh started in the depths of stinkpia a city the been around long ago. It absolutely was said your child of prophecy that's name will be anduh would one day bring the town down therefore it did. some state that its darkness sucked light from the sun itself and its awful odor killed hundreds of thousands. since after the incident title anduh had been passed on from one generation to another but only to the lowest of cheapest. The term anduh is still utilized in some parts of the world as an insult or to show disgrace and dishonor in certain one.