What does andropogon mean?

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A very huge and crucial genus of grasses found in the majority of countries it provides the lemon-grass of Ceylon together with beard grass or broom sedge of this United States The principal subgenus is Sorghum including Andropogon sorghum and Andropogon halepensis where were derived the Chinese sugar cane the Johnson grass the Aleppo lawn the broom corn and also the durra or Indian millet Several East Indian species as Andropogon nardus and Andropogon schoelignanthus yield fragrant natural oils used in perfumery

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  • high yearly or perennial grasses with spikelike racemes; hot areas

Sentence Examples with the word andropogon

Other aromatic members are Andropogon Nardus, a native of India, but also cultivated, the rhizome, leaves and especially the spikelets of which contain a volatile oil, which on distillation yields the citronella oil of commerce.

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