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An extremley fucked up individual in the Soviet Union who murdered kiddies involving the centuries 9-17. He couldnt ejaculate due to their impodantness, and longtime psychological misuse from other colleuges and a rough childhood through a plauge, he eventualy attained the abilaty to sperm if he stabbed folks. So... he discovered folks he found sexualy appealing from train programs and these types of, took all of them out in the woodland, and stabbed the shit regarding them, had his sperm, and left. Almost all of their sufferers remained alive while he mutilated them, even more for sexual satisfaction, he also enjoyed biting down their erect nipples and these types of. He had been eventualy caught after slaying about 53-54 folks as he fucked up by walking call at community covered in bloooood, and so the coppers took him in and negotiated him for around per week untill he finaly confessed. He was in addition kept in a cage during his trail prior to his execution in Feburary, 1994