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the cops will pull you over and harass you simply because they have nothing more straightforward to do. they drive around in new crown vics and defeat the shit out of all of them simply to present. they get paid too much. the cool young ones from AHS ditch class after 2nd block to smoke cigarettes downtown because of the gazebo. the fire alarm is always getting pulled during last exams, all stoners smoke cigarettes within dugout during lunch, catboners tend to be our opponents for no reason at all at all. there is next to nothing to-do in downtown andover. all there clearly was is starbucks, DD, a winebar, and high priced resturants. on fridays, downtown is full of annoying center schoolers and high schoolers that love to cause difficulty and become they are gangster. if you see a lawrence automobile get across the andover edge, you freak out and yell "wrong city buddy, get back to lawrence!". you'll see lambos, corvettes, bmw, lexus, mercedes all around town because everyone else right here has actually there head stuck far up their very own butt. the wealthy large schoolers with dumbass moms and dads get a fresh range rover after they turn 16, even though they end up crashing it a week later. their moms and dads become buying an even more expensive AND better searching vehicle following the very first one gets entirely totaled. additionally there is a bank on every block. you purchase your coke and weed from the medicine dealers whom live at memorial group.