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A book about HELPS that in the end had been converted to a HBO film. The story employs two experts looking for a cure for HELPS. They battle again the Republican celebration, would younot want them to throw away cash in searching for this disease's treatment because it is a "gay" infection. The right-wingers do everything they can to take away the scientist's money to avoid all of them from utilizing it on HELPS study. But each day, more individuals keep on dying and having infected, including among the two experts. In the end, he dies from an ailment that could happen prevented, but Ronald Reagan allow it to be an epidemic. It spread from gays to heterosexuals through bloodstream transfusions and also through "normal" sex, while the Republicans call it, as if being gay is wrong. Eventually France and America both get the virus that triggers HELPS and every propose a remedy. France asks for America's help, but America, wanting to claim the treatment as just unique, refuses. If The united states had stopped becoming so conceited, we might have an end to AIDS. But now herpes has actually adapted and turn immune towards cure, and is too extensive to-be beaten. Even though it is true that the potential cure does postpone death, we could experienced a remedy. Another wonderful thing to thank The united states for. Others proposed some ideas for tips stop the scatter of this infection, including one Republican's concept to produce "gay villages." Even Ronald Reagan, ended up being against helping those contaminated by AIDS as it had been a "gay" infection. He don't say the phrase HELPS on television until five years after it became general public understanding. He would prevent mentioning it or call it GRID (Gay associated Immune Deficiency). The film is very powerful, particularly when usually the one scientist has to tell a mother that she's got HELPS from a blood transfusion because Republicans refused a bill to force required blood pursuit of the HELPS virus. Additionally the finish, once they show all somebody that has died from condition that shouldn't have died and wouldn't experienced liberals had their particular means.