What does ancillary administration mean?

ancillary administration meaning in General Dictionary

a management subordinate to plus help of primary or main management of a property

ancillary administration meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. management of an estate's assets in another condition. An "ancillary administrator" is plumped for by the executor or administrator of an estate to take care of the property (mainly real-estate) associated with deceased's property in circumstances besides usually the one where the property is probated. Sample: John Dunn dies in Montana in which he'd already been residing and actually leaves a parcel of land in downtown Columbus, Ohio. There has to be ancillary management in Ohio to obtain Ohio judge endorsement and taxation agency approval. Technically ancillary means "aiding" or "subordinate."

ancillary administration meaning in Law Dictionary

When a decedent makes home in a foreign state, (a state besides that of their domicile.) administration is issued this kind of foreign state for the purpose of collecting the possessions and having to pay the debts indeed there, and bringing the residue into tiie general administration. This really is known as "ancillary" (additional, subordinate) administration. Pisano v. Shanlev Co., 00 N. .T. Law. 1. 48 Atl. 01S: In re Gable's Home. 79 Iowa. 17R. 44 N. W. 352. 9 L. II. A. 218; Steele v. Insurance Co.. supra.