What does anarchism mean?

anarchism meaning in General Dictionary

The doctrine or rehearse of anarchists

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  • a political concept favoring the abolition of governing bodies
  • The doctrine or practice of anarchists.

anarchism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s; see anarchy + -ism.

anarchism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

This doctrine advocates the abolition of governmental control within culture: hawaii, it contends, is people's best enemy -- avoid it plus the evils of peoples life will disappear. Favorably, anarchism envisages a homely life specialized in unsophisticated activity and filled with simple pleasures. Hence it belongs into the "primitive tradition" of Western culture and springs from philosophical idea of the built-in and radical goodness of human nature. Modern anarchism most likely owes maybe not a little, in an indirect method, to your influence of this primitivistic stress into the thought of Jean Jacques Rousseau. In a popular good sense the term "anarchy" is often used to denote a state of personal chaos, however it is apparent that term may be used inside good sense just by a person who denies the quality of anarchism. -- M.B.M.

anarchism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The doctrine or training of anarchists.

Sentence Examples with the word anarchism

Among his other works may be named Paroles d'un revolte (1884); La Conquete du pain (1888); L' Anarchic: sa philosophie, son ideal (1896); The State, its Part in History (1898); Fields, Factories and Workshops (1899); Memoirs of a Revolutionist (1900); Mutual Aid, a Factor of Evolution (1902); Modern Science and Anarchism (Philadelphia, 1903); The Desiccation of Asia (1904); The Orography of Asia (1904); and Russian Literature (1905).

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