What does anarchic mean?

anarchic meaning in General Dictionary

Pertaining to anarchy without rule or government in political confusion looking after create anarchy as anarchic despotism anarchical opinions

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  • without law or control
  • Alt. of Anarchical

anarchic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1755, "chaotic, without purchase or guideline," from Greek anarkhos "without mind or chief" (identify anarchy) + -ic. Classified from anarchistic (1845) which tends to refer to the political philosophy of anarchism. An adult term within sense had been anarchical (1590s). Anarchial is from 1710; Landor utilized anarchal (1824).

anarchic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Anarchical

Sentence Examples with the word anarchic

Ismail re-established and improved the administrative system organized by Mehemet Au, and which had fallen into decay under Abbass indolent rule; he caused a thorough remodelling of the customs system, which was in an anarchic state, to be made by English officials; in 1865 he established the Egyptian post office; he reorganized the military schools of his grandfather, and gave some support to the cause of education.

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