What does anamnesis mean?

anamnesis meaning in General Dictionary

A recalling to mind recollection

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  • the scenario history of a medical client as recalled because of the patient
  • the capability to recall past events
  • A recalling to mind; recollection.

anamnesis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"recollection, commemoration," 1650s, from Greek anamnesis "a calling to mind, remembrance," noun of activity from stem of anamimneskein "to remember, to remind (someone) of (some thing), make reference to," from ana "back" (see ana-) + mimneskesthai "to remember, cause to keep in mind" (see amnesia). Related: Anamnestic.

anamnesis meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. anamnesis) phoning to mind; recollection; in Plato, the method whereby the mind gains real knowledge, by remembering the eyesight regarding the Tips that the soul skilled in a previous presence besides the body. -- G.R.M.

anamnesis meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A recalling in your thoughts; recollection.