What does analyze mean?

analyze meaning in General Dictionary

To at the mercy of evaluation to resolve anything complex into its elements to separate to the constituent components for the intended purpose of a study of each independently to examine this kind of a fashion on determine the sun and rain or nature of thing analyzed to consider thoroughly in order to find out essential features or definition on evaluate an activity to see its morality to analyse a sonnet by Shakespeare to analyse the data in a criminal test to analyse your real motives

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  • break-down into components or essential functions
  • consider in detail and at the mercy of an analysis to find out important functions or meaning
  • make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical evaluation of; break down into components or important features
  • susceptible to psychoanalytic treatment
  • To at the mercy of analysis; to resolve (any such thing complex) into its elements; to separate your lives to the constituent components, when it comes to reason for a study of each independently; to look at in such a fashion concerning determine the current weather or nature associated with thing examined; as, to investigate a fossil substance; to investigate a sentence or a word; to evaluate an action to see its morality.

analyze meaning in Law Dictionary

Taking just one item and finding out cause of variations in the figures.

analyze meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "to dissect," from French analyser, from analyse (see evaluation). Literature feeling is attested from 1610s; definition in biochemistry dates from 1660s. General sense of "to look at closely" dates from 1809; emotional good sense is from 1909. Associated: Analyzed; examining.

analyze meaning in Business Dictionary

To simply take a bookkeeping product and assess it for feasible reasons for discrepancies.

analyze meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To susceptible to analysis; to eliminate (anything complex) into its elements; to separate in to the constituent components, for the intended purpose of an examination of each separately; to examine such a manner regarding determine the weather or nature regarding the thing examined; because, to assess a fossil substance; to evaluate a sentence or a word; to evaluate an action to determine its morality.

Sentence Examples with the word analyze

I need for you to analyze the dynamics of the controlled reverse flow reactor.

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