What does analytic mean?

analytic meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to evaluation resolving into elements or constituent components as an analytical experiment against synthetic

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  • using or subjected to a methodology using algebra and calculus
  • using or competent in using analysis (in other words., splitting a whole--intellectual or substantial--into its elemental components or basics)
  • revealing a grammatical group using a couple of words without inflection
  • of an idea this is certainly always real independent of-fact or experience
  • Alt. of Analytical

analytic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Medieval Latin analyticus, from Greek analytikos "analytical," from analytos "dissolved" (see analysis).

analytic meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. analytike) Aristotle's name when it comes to means of reasonable evaluation. The Prior Analytics includes their analysis associated with the syllogism, the Posterior Analytics his analysis of the circumstances of systematic or demonstrable understanding. -- G.R.M. In Kant. 1 of 2 divisions of basic logic (one other being Dialectic) which finds out by evaluation all of the features of explanation as exercised in idea, hence disclosing the formal requirements of experience and truth. (See Kantianism.) -- O.F.K. See in addition Meaning, Forms Of.

analytic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Analytical

Sentence Examples with the word analytic

Now synthesis was explicable neither by reference to pure thought, the logical or elaborative faculty, which in Kant's view remained analytic in function, nor by reference to the effects of external real things upon our faculties of cognition.

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