What does analects mean?

analects meaning in General Dictionary

an accumulation literary fragments

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  • an accumulation of excerpts from a literary work
  • Alt. of Analecta

analects meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "literary gleanings," from Latinized type of Greek analekta, actually "things selected," neuter plural of analektos "pick, option," spoken adjective of analegein "to gather up, collect," from ana- "up" (see ana-) + legein "to gather," in addition "to select words," thus "to talk" (see lecture (n.)).

analects meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) Alt. of Analecta

Sentence Examples with the word analects

A universal thirst set in for Occidental science and literature, so that students occupied themselves everywhere with readers and grammars modelled on European lines rather than with the Analects or the Kojiki.

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