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initially an idea in Freudian psychoanalysis which has later spread into popular use, most likely because of its rude connotations.An anal-fixated individual is somebody who is overly clean and enthusiastic about neatness, appearance and order. These types of people are bureaucratic-minded, petty-minded jobsworths which make other's life a misery by generating unnecessary hurdles, and/or just who lead a sad life for their incapacity to set aside their particular fixation with regularity. It is used as an insult in cases where folks are extremely rigid or rigid about something.The origin usually Freud, inside the early work, said that young kids proceed through three phases, dental, anal and phallic, ahead of the chronilogical age of 5, and therefore effectively traversing each phase is a must to later on psychological wellbeing. (The phallic stage produces the Oedipus specialized or in girls, the Electra advanced and penis envy). If somebody doesn't traverse a stage, often due to overly rigid parenting (though additionally sometimes through other), they come to be "fixated" and also unresolved libidinal (i.e. psycho-sexual) problems which overshadow their subsequent lives.The rectal phase happens around the time a kid is potty-trained, and can include experiencing pleasure from either maintaining or releasing shit. The faculties frequently labeled as 'anal-fixated' are the ones associated with the anal-retentive, whom gained disproportionate satisfaction from holding shit in, perhaps because of too-rigid potty instruction. (An anal-fixated individual can also purely talking be anal-expulsive, which leads to qualities such as messiness etc., but it's perhaps not passed away over into popular usage). It conveys itself in later on life in neuroses centred on rigidity and regularity.In well-known usage, often abbreviated to "anal".