What does anal munchkin mean?

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A person who is an ass fanatic. Generally getting, smacking and participating in sexual intercourse using the ass. It may also be generally someone who sticks items up their ass (Ex: A pen, dildo, a reasonably little animal, etc.)There normally a mythical beast known as an Anal Munchkin. It may, and would, sneak-up and shag you in the butt from behind this kind of a behaviour the sufferer would lose awareness. Then a while later, it would shrink itself to an extremely tiny dimensions and rise up in the victims asshole and then go back to regular dimensions, making the individuals ass larger than normal. Then it would stay down shit for the rest of it's life without previously making the asshole. Though, at uncommon occasions, it might leave the ass through the night for many fresh air once the person is resting, then return soon after that before the person wakes up.