What does anal insurrection mean?

anal insurrection meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. To refuse obtaining anal sex after formerly making a commitment to do so. To insure rectal with regards to their partner, only to later on back out in the sack. Possibly she/he takes it when you look at the butt VERY briefly before rejecting the penetration; frequently either away from vexation or humiliation.Consequences of being being honestly upset over this deception will most likely exacerbate the specific situation. :(2. The state stand of a woman to not do rectal. Not even on special occasions like your birth time, to celebrate an achievement of yours or to "make up" after she makes a crucial error in relationship; Disciplinary Anal within the last few scenario.3. To trade intimate favors for ANYTHING, but never ever doing that which was promised. To split a perverted verbal contract.4. Once you spend a prostitute for something special and cannot provide. The offense of of anal insurrection isn't punishable by the law, however if you have got contacts with arranged criminal activity you can get "reimbursed" in some manner.5. The dilemma a man has of trying to get their particular partner or wife doing anal or another intimate favors with all the goal of which makes it acceptable for them.