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one other meaning is total shit..."anal crap" even. The person who uploaded it must be ashamed cause they may be a f***ing moron. An oxymoron is a mix of contradictory terms (example. deafening silence or optimistic pessimists) which nonetheless is reasonable in some way. Anal crap is just a good example of redundancy (since in which else would crap come from except your anal area?)just like "huge leaders". Repeat: various other meaning is "anal crap" Understanding understood by English teachers as an oxymoron, in other words. a word which will be qualified by an extra word, an adjective, which can be totally redundant (adds nothing a new comer to the meaning regarding the first word). Crap is through definition anal, unless it comes down from mouth-crapping aliens in the world XAARFQTYSHAJK!LP.Nevertheless, saying two swear words is obviously a lot better than saying one for releasing stress, so "anal crap" is perfectly legitimate, whatever those fucking english educators say.