What does anal mean?

anal meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to or situated near the anus once the anal fin or glands

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  • of or regarding the anal area
  • a stage in psychosexual development if the young child's interest is concentrated regarding the anal area; fixation at this stage is said to result in orderliness, meanness, stubbornness, compulsiveness, etc.
  • Pertaining to, or situated near, the rectum; because, the rectal fin or glands.

anal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1769, from Modern Latin analis "of this anal area;" see rectum. Anal-retentive first attested 1957, in mental jargon. Anal intercourse attested as a result from 1966.

anal meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term accustomed relate to some thing concerning the final portion of the digestion process therefore the final abdominal part, the anus.

anal - German to English


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  • anally

anal meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) related to, or situated near, the anus; since, the rectal fin or glands.

Sentence Examples with the word anal

It is spheroidal, with the mouth and anus at opposite poles; there are five ambulacra, and the ambulacral plates are large, simple and alternating, each being pierced by two podial pores which lie in a small oval depression; the ambulacrals next the mouth form a closed ring of ten plates; the interambulacrals lie in single columns between the ambulacra, and are separated from the mouth-area by the proximal ambulacrals just mentioned, and sometimes by the second set of ambulacrals also; the ambulacra end in the five oculars or terminals, which meet in a ring around the anal area and have no podial pores, but one of them serves as a madreporite; within this ring is a star-shaped area filled with minute irregular plates, none of which can safely be selected as the homologues of the so-called basals or genitals of later forms; within the ring of ambulacrals around the mouth are five somewhat pointed plates, which Jaekel regards as teeth, but which can scarcely be homologous with the interradially placed teeth of later echinoids, since they are radial in position; small spines are present, especially around the podial pores.

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