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anahi a drop dead gorgeous girl which extremely separate. shes unique and down on her behalf shit. she will end up being the sweetest woman you understand or the biggest bitch in your life. once you satisfy the girl everything becomes 100 times better. she's a body of an hourglass and a face of an angel. she has somewhat waistline and a large round dessert. shes a stunner, as soon as she walks into a space its all eyes on the. she will come down to be complicated but in the end its all worth it.she could give two fucks about people who talk shit shes too good for the. do not test her determination because she's going to kick your ass. shes somebody you'll vent to and some one with great guidance. you may never meet some one like her inside your life. shes certainly genuine. she's the most wonderful eyes and sound. shes multitalented and she strives for success. many faithful and faithful bit of butt you will have inside your life. this woman is a dime plus 99 you will not get an adequate amount of this woman. she is often confident and it is really ruthless. basically anahi is one of amazing person you will ever before fulfill! Mexico's biggest 'IT Girl', socialite, and celebrity at the moment, this woman is at this time in a pop band 'RBD' and on their program RBD:La Familia. She is means hot and worked challenging arrive at where she is.