What does anaconda mean?

anaconda meaning in General Dictionary

a sizable South American serpent associated with Boa family Eunectes murinus which life near rivers and preys on birds and tiny animals The name can be placed on an identical big serpent Python tigris of Ceylon

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  • large arboreal boa of tropical south usa
  • a big Southern United states snake regarding the Boa household (Eunectes murinus), which lives near rivers, and preys on birds and small mammals. Title is also applied to the same huge serpent (Python tigris) of Ceylon.

anaconda meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1768, a name initially utilized in English to call a Ceylonese python, it was applied mistakenly to a sizable Southern United states boa, called in Brazil sucuriuba. The word is of uncertain source, no snake name want it now is present in Sinhalese or Tamil. One recommendation is that it's a Latinization of Sinhalese henacandaya "whip snake," actually "lightning-stem" [Barnhart]. Another suggestion is that it signifies Tamil anaikkonda "having killed an elephant" [OED].

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Anaconda [Luis Llosa]

anaconda meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A sizable Southern American serpent regarding the Boa family members (Eunectes murinus), which lives near streams, and preys on birds and little mammals. Title is also placed on the same huge serpent (Python tigris) of Ceylon.

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The principal cities are: Butte, whose population increased from 10,723 in 1890 to 30,470 in 190o; Great Falls (1900) 14,930; Helena, the capital (woo) 10,770; Anaconda (1900) 9453.

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