What does anabaptism mean?

anabaptism meaning in General Dictionary

The doctrine associated with Anabaptists

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  • a Protestant movement within the 16th century that thought inside primacy associated with the Bible, baptised only believers, perhaps not babies, and thought in full separation of chapel and condition
  • The doctrine associated with Anabaptists.

anabaptism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s (as a Christian doctrine, with capital A-, from 1570s), from Medieval Latin anabaptismus, from Late Greek anabaptismos, from ana- "up (in position or time), back, anew" (see ana-) + baptismos "baptism" (see baptism).

anabaptism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The doctrine of this Anabaptists.

Sentence Examples with the word anabaptism

But Anabaptism was not to remain an abiding force on the continent; and though colonies of its exiles settled in England, they did not produce the Congregationalism which sprang up there under Elizabeth.

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