What does ana mean?

ana meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix to brands of persons or locations used to denote a collection of significant sayings literary gossip anecdotes etc therefore Scaligerana is a novel containing the sayings of Scaliger Johnsoniana of Johnson etc

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  • of every the same volume as wine and honey ana or contracted aa unr ij that's of wine and honey each two ounces
  • A prefix in terms through the Greek denoting up upward throughout backward back anew
  • mother for the ancient Irish gods; sometimes identified with Danu
  • an accumulation of anecdotes about a person or destination
  • of each and every; the same volume; since, wine and honey, ana (or, contracted, aa), / ij., that's, of wine and honey, each, two ounces.

ana meaning in Names Dictionary

Spanish as a type of Anna.
Name Origin: Spanish
Name Gender: Female

ana meaning in Medical Dictionary

Antinuclear antibody, an unusual antibody directed against structures in the nucleus for the mobile. ANAs are located in patients whose disease fighting capability is predisposed resulting in infection against their human body tissues. Antibodies being directed against your very own tissues tend to be known as autoantibodies. The propensity for defense mechanisms to function against a unique body is known as autoimmunity. ANAs suggest the possible existence of autoimmunity.

ana meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Of every; the same amount; because, wine and honey, ana (or, contracted, aa), / ij., which, of wine and honey, each, two ounces.

Sentence Examples with the word ana

In regard to the ancients' knowledge of lead compounds, we may state that the substance described by Dioscorides as, uoXv,3Saiva was undoubtedly litharge, that Pliny uses the word minium in its present sense of red lead, ana that white lead was well known to Geber in the 8th century.

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