What does an urban dick mean?

an urban dick meaning in Urban Dictionary

Urban dick is somebody who uses someones title in a manner that is offensive, or defamatory. Calling women whores, sluts, bitches, tarts and making up ficticious tales about their particular sexual record is a passtime of urbandicks for some time, and is a prime illustration of an urban penis.Generally it is useful for the next purposesa. to obtain somebody fired, and / or ruin a reputationb. payback on an ex which dumped youc. payback in your ex's brand-new girlfriend or crushd. an invalid rape defencec. the sole kind of insult an ignorant uneducated retarded lowlife degenerate criminal can consider to discredit someone.Generally the women focused by metropolitan cocks are certainly maybe not whores, but high profile, frequently also celibate those that have opponents for their broad social circles.Publishing these details often leads anyone to believe the editors of metropolitan dictionary have been metropolitan dicks on their own, but who knows. If the website had a "report punishment"' option or filter, and stuck to its original objective of offering a forum when it comes to creation of brand new words and phrases and amusing slang maybe it can not attract plenty degenerates.'An metropolitan cock may be identified by their particular lack of knowledge and morals, lack of personal life, or social skills, exceptionally demented mind cells that may be contagious, usually caused by alcoholic beverages or narcotics. These people must certanly be avoided, because they are like wild animals particularly snakes who are able to even start their particular pet friends.