What does an sich mean?

an sich - German to English

on it's own

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  • naturally
  • in itself
  • in theory
  • intrinsically
  • it self
  • by itself
  • proper [postpos.]
  • to refine yourself
  • as such [strictly speaking]

an sich meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Ger. virtually in or by self. Lat. in se) such a thing taken in it self without regards to anything else, specially without relation to a knowing awareness. In Hegel's viewpoint whatever features disowned its relations is an sich. Within status it shows its internal potentialities. Therefore in Hegel's system an sich frequently describes whatever is latent, undeveloped, or in certain connections, what is involuntary. Kant used an sich more loosely to describe any thing independent of awareness or experience. Thus he contrasted the "Ding-an-sich" (thing-in-itself) with look (phenomenon), the latter becoming a function of consciousness, the former exterior all awareness. -- O.F.K.