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A substance that resembles a hard 3 inch footwear lace that's broken-in half and sniffed for heart customers, impacts bring happiness and excitement. Short for amyl nitrates, a form of alkyl nitrate.These can be called poppers, ram, thrust, rock hard, kix and TNT.whenever sniffed they supply a short-lasting mind dash, similar to that of cocaine, but which can be usually combined with the feeling your head has been squeezed from all directions.It has additionally been said they make orgasms feel like they keep going longer and also that they might help to relax anal muscle tissue to be used in homosexual male intercourse, even though the latter of these is generally declined as myth.Poppers are not addicting, and that can be bought legally as room aromas in several brands in groups, intercourse shops and cigarette smoking shops from the age of 18. They range in price from £2 - £5 per container. An inhalent that will enable you to get high A stimulant popular from the times of Hunter Thompson (1970's) and still widely used today. Followed by a brief cocaine rush and scull squeezing. Mentioned in Worry & Loathing In Nevada.