What does amyl alcohol mean?

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Any of eight isomeric liquid alcohols C5H11OH transparent colorless liquids This is the hydroxide of amyl also referred to as amylic alcoholic beverages The amyl liquor acquired from fusel oil is mostly isoamyl liquor 3 methyl 1 butanol or 1 hydroxy 3 methylbutane with sec amyl alcoholic beverages 2 methyl 1 butanol or 2 pentanol and has a characteristic strange odor besides n amyl liquor also referred to as 1 pentanol one other isomeric pentanols are not usually refered to as amyl alcohol The amyl alcoholic beverages blend in fusel oil forms a colorless fluid with a peculiar cough exciting odor and burning style its utilized as a source of amyl substances including amyl acetate amyl nitrite etc

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  • an assortment of 2 or maybe more isomeric alcohols; utilized as a solvent plus natural synthesis

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A similar product is obtained by oxidizing fermentation amyl alcohol with chromic acid.

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