What does amusement mean?

amusement meaning in General Dictionary

Deep believed muse

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  • a sense of delight at becoming amused
  • an action which diverting and that keeps the interest
  • Deep thought; muse.
  • hawaii to be amused; enjoyable pleasure; that which amuses; diversion.

amusement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "diversion of attention," particularly in army activities, from French entertainment, noun of activity from amuser (see amuse). And because all strong and irreverent Speeches coming in contact with issues of high nature, and all sorts of harmful and false Reports looking after Sedition, or even to the Amusement of your men and women, tend to be punishable ... (etc.) [Charles II, Proclamation of Oct. 26, 1688] Meaning "a pastime, play, online game, something which happily diverts the interest" (from duty, work, etc.) is from 1670s, originally depreciative; meaning "pleasurable diversion" attested from 1690s. Enjoyment hallway is from 1862; amusement park very first recorded 1897.

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  • entertainment [no pl.] [state]

amusement meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Deep thought; muse.

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  • (letter.) Their state of being amused; enjoyable excitement; what amuses; diversion.

Sentence Examples with the word amusement

In length, was erected, which contained tenements, an amusement or lecture hall, and a dining-room where all ate at a common table, and where board was provided at cost, sometimes as low as sixty-three cents per week.

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