What does amt mean?

amt meaning in General Dictionary

An administrative territorial division in Denmark and Norway

amt meaning in Etymology Dictionary

territorial unit in Denmark and Norway, from Danish amt, from German Amt "office," from Old High German ambaht, of Celtic source, associated with Gallo-Roman ambactus "servant" (see ambassador).

amt meaning in Sports Dictionary

Anxietly Mamagement Training. Utilized by the althlete to recognise early phisical-muscular signs and symptoms of stress build-up together with tools necessary to do deep muscle mass relaxsation anywhere and every time they are required. (recreation: Sports Psychology)

amt - German to English


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  • workplace of naval-intelligence [Am.]
  • premiership [office]
  • office of deputy prime minister [Br.]
  • vice-presidency
  • Lord Steward's Department
  • abbacy [office of an abbot]
  • abbotship
  • see
  • senatorship
  • custodianship
  • wardship
  • purpose
  • workplace for formal magazines of European Communities
  • salaries and pensions workplace
  • workplace the Liturgical festivities associated with Supreme Pontiff
  • housing department
  • Health Protection department [UK]
  • parks commission [Am.]
  • metropolitan green area preparation office
  • Office the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice [Swiss cantonal government product accountable for prisons and parole services]
  • National Aeronautics and Space management [Am.]
  • Dead Letter Office
  • Office of Fair Trading [Br.]
  • Vehicle and Operator providers Agency [Br.]
  • Publications Office
  • German Military Geophysical Office
  • traditions and excise office
  • office for community purchase
  • office
  • [administrative device, region]
  • visit
  • duty [task, function]
  • cost [office]
  • task [duty]
  • (administrative) workplace
  • agency
  • division
  • tenure [office]
  • ministry
  • divine service [liturgy]
  • Mass
  • commission [appointment]
  • post [function]
  • (official) position
  • trade
  • trunk [telephone line]
  • dial tone

Sentence Examples with the word amt

FREDRIKSTAD (FREDERIKSTAD), a seaport and manufacturing town of Norway in Smaalenene amt (county), 58 m.

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