What does amsneezia mean?

amsneezia meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. A total, yet short-term, loss in memory, especially the "w" words: i.e. which, what, where and exactly why which results from a massively violent sneeze.Example: I became planning to purchase that bitchin' rim from the catalog once I nearly blacked out of amsneezia. All I remember was that about 10 minutes later on I knew I happened to be staring into room and therefore my hands had been covered with snot.2. A total, permanent loss of memory regarding the real incident of the violent sneeze itself.Example: i have to have sneezed, because personally i think dizzy, my sinuses tend to be instantly completely pouring regarding me, my heart is rushing and I also'm more than a kite on a full-on dash of histamines, but we absolutely don't bear in mind sneezing.