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warrior princess of immortality. originally made of the nector of immortality inside roman age!amrita had been a kind of nector which was fond of individuals who wished to live forever or were dying an awful demise Amrita's have actually elegance, appeal and good style, are naturally sort, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (in both music and personal lifestyle) as well as the pleasures these bring.Their faculties...Diplomaitic and urbaneRomantic and charmingEasygoing and sociableIdealistic and peaceable.On the dark part...Indecisive and changeableGullible and easily infuencedFlirtatious and self-indulgent. Amrita's usually are very intelligent, graceful girls. They show a very good feminine part, and therefore are nice to every single individual they satisfy. They may be affectionate and want to hug. They love enjoyable and you'll constantly see them laughing, whether it is using their friends or at by themselves In addition, they could be gullible from time to time and very innocent, but some discover their particular innocence charming. Amrita'a are gorgeous inside and outside.